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Valued at up to $100,000, the Loran Award includes study at one of our 25 partner universities in Canada, a living stipend, funding to access summer experiences in Canada and abroad, mentorship, and participation in a community of supporters and alumni working towards a better country and world. Learn more here

This year, there is a single deadline for all applicants: October 13, 2021 before 8pm ET.

All eligible students will be welcome to apply by filling out the application, uploading a transcript, and naming a reference. School sponsorship is no longer required. There is no limit to the number of students who may apply from a single school. 


2022 Schulich Leader Scholarships

Schulich Leader Scholarships are the largest and most prestigious undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) scholarships in Canada, with a value of up to $100,000 each. This scholarship was established to encourage our best and brightest students to be the next generation of entrepreneurial-minded, technology innovators. Launched in 2011, 570 students have received this celebrated award!

Schulich Leader Scholarships is open to all Canadian high schools with graduating students planning to pursue an undergraduate degree in an eligible STEM program at one of our 20 partner universities. Every high school in Canada may nominate one student per academic year. 

Please see Mrs. Connors if you are interested in becoming Gander Collegiate's nominee for 2021 - 2022.

The deadline to submit your Schulich Leader Nominee is January 26, 2022.



The document "Scholarships 2020 - 2021" has been revised.  Please take a look!

Scholarships 2020 - 2021

This link will take students and parents to a list of scholarships that the guidance counsellor is aware of.  This is not a comprehensive list!  Students are encouraged to do some research and check out the national scholarship websites that are included in the list.

ScholarTree  has developed  a presentation about where students can find scholarships and provide some tips to improve their scholarship application. 



myBlueprint is a website that is available for all student in NL under NLESD.   

Students can learn about their interests, skills, passions, and feelings; they can explore their opportunities in school, the community, or in post-secondary, and the world of work and they can reflect on who they want to become and set goals for their education, leisure, community life, and work that will keep them engaged and happy.

The end result will be that students create an individualized plan to help them achieve their goals, transition to secondary school and post-secondary, and successfully shape their future.

myBlueprint access guide
Within myBlueprint students will find a series of guides that will help them explore topics such as:
  • budgeting and finance
  • occupations and emerging occupations
  • goal setting
  • paying for post-secondary - which includes sections on scholarships, bursaries and student aid
  • mental health
  • plus many other topics of interest
NL Post-Secondary Links

Memorial University

Memorial University is pleased to provide online resources to help you with any questions. Students are encouraged to use these resources to find out about:

College of the North Atlantic

Marine Institute

Private Colleges

Student Aid

The Government of Canada and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador work together to provide student financial assistance. Both loans and grants are available to help you access and pay for post-secondary education. With one application you will be assessed for both federal and provincial financial assistance.

You will need to create an account before you can access the system.


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