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Gander Collegiate Breakfast Nook

Each morning at Gander Collegiate, we offer nutritious choices for our students.  They are welcomed by staff and community volunteers and pick up food that will provide them with energy to get through the day.


Our Menu includes: toast, smoothies, fruit cups, eggos, juice, milk, fruit bars, yogurt tubes, apples, pears, bananas, grapes, and cheese strings. 

We are supported financially by the Kids Eat Smart Foundation, community service groups, local business, and individual donations.  If you would like information on how to support this important program at our school, please contact the main office.

Rotary 50/50 Gold Mine Draw

Click here to get more information.

Mrs. Barbara Brazil donated two of her paintings to the Kids Eat Smart Gala over the past two years and the school received $400.00 from the auction of these paintings.    Thank you very much!

This year, Mrs. Gina Brown donated a hand-painted print to the Kids Eat Smart Gala to help support our breakfast program.  This brought $200.00 back to Gander Collegiate.  Thank you very much!

A huge thank you to Ms. Leanne Mills and Ms. Alison Maloney for their donation of art work to Gander Collegiate.  It will be sent in to the Kids Eat Smart Gala and be auctioned off and all monies raised will be returned to the school to help support our Breakfast Program.

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