School News and Announcements

Tutoring for Tuition - Work Experience Program

May 20, 2021

We are pleased to announce that the Tutoring Work Experience Program is now up and running.  We currently have one tutor available through this program (with vacancies if any post-secondary student is interested).   If you are interested in availing of tutoring services or would like to apply to become a tutor, please email Ms. Connors at for more information.   


Thank you!

Tutoring for Tuition - Work Experience Program

May 20, 2021

Gander Collegiate is looking to hire two post-secondary students to assist high school students needing academic assistance.

This spring all tutoring will occur virtually.

This program will begin on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

Resumes should be submitted to


Thank you!

Information Regarding Prom Preparations

April 27, 2021

If there are any parents/guardians of graduating students who have not been in contact with the parent committee regarding prom preparations and you would like to do so, please contact Michelle Feltham at to be added to the parent/guardian Facebook group or to be provided up to date information on prom.


Thank you!

Report Cards and Modified Scenario 2 Update

April 27, 2021

Report cards will be distributed on Tuesday, April 27 and Wednesday, April 28. The class average for Level I was 82.2%, Level II was 81.5% and for level III it was 86.1%. Excellent work! Congratulations!

If your young person is not meeting with success, please make an appointment to speak with their teacher.

Parent Teacher Interviews will take place on Google Meet on Thursday, April 29, from 1 - 4 and 6 - 8 pm. Parents/Guardians can book an appointment via the teachers’ webpages found on the staff section of our school webpage.

Friday, April 30, there are no classes for students, as teachers will be involved in professional development sessions.

We have been speaking to students and staff about our current seven period day scenario. From their perspective, seven periods a day, with online classes, is not sustainable; students are drained in the afternoons. To address this, we will be reverting back to our regular (5 periods a day) schedule on Monday, May 3. Groupings will continue, with A - K and L - Z, but teachers will be teaching simultaneous to students in class and online. We recognize that this may not always be possible (i.e. Skilled Trades, Nutrition, Music, etc.), but teaching simultaneously means that lessons do not need to be taught twice and can proceed in a normal fashion. Monday, will be day 3 (slots: D,E,F,G,A) and Group L - Z will be in attendance, with Group A - K availing online instruction. Tuesday, May 4th, will be Day 4, with Group A - K in attendance and Group L - Z following online instruction. This should take us to the end of May, when we begin clueing up courses.

Beginning of Scenario 2 on Wednesday, April 14th.

April 13, 2021

Beginning on Wednesday, April 14, Gander Collegiate will resume In-Class Learning with Group B (L-Z) being in attendance and Group A (A-K) being able to access their classes remotely via Google Meet, and will begin their in-class instruction on Thursday, April 15. Though Group A is not physically in class, they are expected to attend virtually and may be assigned individual or group work to be completed at home, in preparation for their in-class day on Thursday. The ability to access classes, when physically not in the building, will continue for students on their alternating days via Google Meet. It is important to note that online instruction will not continue as it did under Scenario 3. In addition, students cannot opt to join their classes online only. Scenario 2 is designed to maximize in-class instruction and in-person connections with students, while allowing an online component for some daily interactions with their teacher and peers. This will ensure that students will have access to their classes and their teachers five days a week and remain productive in their respective courses.


We have altered our school schedule, so that students will be able to access all of their courses each day, both virtually and in-person. Each day will look the same for students, with seven periods each day (i.e. slots A - G). We will have 4 periods at 45 minutes each in the AM Sessions and 3 periods at 40 minutes in the PM sessions. Morning starts, Lunch and Dismissal times will not change (8:07am classes start, lunch from 11:22am to 12:12pm, and dismissal at 2:12pm).  Recess will now be from 9:37am - 9:52am. There are no late bells and we will revert back to one dismissal time. Students will be expected to be in class on time. 


We recognize that with change, comes challenges. Our goal is to maximize in-class instruction and in-person connections, while allowing an online component to enable daily connectivity. In order for this model to be effective, students must attend classes when they are scheduled to do so. I know that our staff and students will work through this model in the typical GC manner. Our students are in great academic shape, and we hope that this model will enable us to maximize  teaching, learning as well as interactions that are so important as we work towards a successful conclusion to this school year and prepare for the next steps.


Thank you and continue to stay safe GC!

Grad Photo Update

March 24, 2021

Lifetouch now has a Pop Up Studio at the Gander Mall, 132, Bennett Dr. Gander. They will be right next to the Lotto Booth. They are able to do Cap and Gown Graduation Photography for any Graduates in Central NL. To book your appointment go to this link:

Further details can be found here