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September 09, 2020

Online Drop and Add Form

Good morning, 

Please complete our online Drop and Add Form if you are requesting a schedule change.  You will need your NLESD email address.

The link to the form is here :


September 08, 2020

Message from Mr. Drover

Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 9, 2020 the 2020 - 2021 school year begins at Gander Collegiate

On behalf of Mr. Snook, our Assistant Principal, and our entire Staff, I would like to welcome our Level I's to our school and welcome back our Level II and Level III students. Finally, a warm welcome to our transfer students. I hope everyone has an enjoyable and successful year.

I know that starting a new school year is an anxious time for everyone. This year adds a little more of a challenge. Our school and how we typically do things will look a little different, as we try to follow the current COVID 19 health guidelines. However, there are things that I know for certain and I take great solace and strength from them. First, we have done some fantastic things at GC and COVID-19 is just something else for us to meet head on. Secondly, we have some of the best students, staff and parents in the province, who are all here to support one another. In that, we can help make our way through this unprecedented situation in a very familiar GC fashion - Successfully!

So, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and being able to say: WAY TO GO, GC!


Mr. Drover


September 08, 2020

Updates for Tomorrow

Hey Concordes!

Here is our Back to School Entrance Plan, in Alphabetical Order by Last Name:


Ms. Snook's Entrance (Back of Building) - Aiden Abbott to Katelin Ford


Main Entrance - Brayden Foster to Kendra Pittman


Mr. Butt's Entrance (Side Adjacent to CNA) - Lisa Pittman to Jane Zelcer

Upon arrival tomorrow, you will attend your advisee session in the Homeroom of your advisor. To determine who your advisor is, check your schedule on Powerschool. Your homeroom is listed on Day 7, Period 7!

See you all tomorrow!

September 02, 2020

Safe to School Return Plan

What to Expect on the First Day

- Before arrival, students must use the Screening Questionnaire to decide if they should attend school.  This must be completed on a daily basis.

- Upon arrival, students will enter the building via one of the three designated entrances based on surname. Masks must be worn upon entering the building. Students will sanitize their hands and go directly to their Academic Advisor’s Classroom. Social distancing will be promoted in the corridors.

- The morning session will involve discussions around living with Covid-19 at GC. Such topics will include expectations, behaviours, routines, and new norms as we prepare to establish a safe environment for everyone at GC.

- Students will remain in their Academic Advisor’s Classroom during Recess and Lunch.  Students are asked to bring their own lunch, as there will be no cafeteria services or microwaves.

- The afternoon session will involve students working with their Academic Advisors. They will ask questions about the courses they are currently registered for, how to request a Drop & Add Form, etc.  Students will also create their 3 year plans ensuring they are fulfilling the Graduation Requirements as outlined by the Department of Education.

- At the end of the day, students will exit the building via the same doors as their assigned entrances, with staggered dismissal times.

Daily Routine at GC

- Upon arrival, students will enter the building via one of the three designated entrances based on surname. Students will sanitize their hands and will be directed to their lockers to remove coats, outdoor footwear, etc., grab all materials required for the first two (2) classes and head directly to their first classroom, in a timely fashion. There will not be any congregating in the hallways or other common areas of the school.

- Students will return to their lockers at recess to get materials required for period 3 in a timely fashion and then proceed immediately to their period 3 class where they will eat recess. Social distancing will be promoted in the corridors.

- At lunchtime students will go to their lockers to get their lunch and supplies for period 4 and 5. They will then immediately proceed to their period 4 class to eat lunch. Social distancing will be promoted in the corridors.

- Students who wish to leave the building at recess and lunch may do so, but must only use the main/front entrance for exiting and re-entering the building.  Students will hand santitize upon exiting and re-entering the building. 

- Students will be dismissed at staggered times at the end of the day. One group will be dismissed at 2:05, while the second will be dismissed at 2:12. Groups will alternate week by week. Students will sanitize their hands and will exit the building via the same doors as their assigned entrances. Social distancing will be promoted in the corridors.

Flow of Traffic Within the Building

- A loop system for movement upstairs and downstairs will be implemented.

- Everyone will go upstairs using the stairwell adjacent to Mr. Butt’s room (Room 103)  and come downstairs using the stairwell by the Computer Lab (Room 210).  These stairwells will be one-way traffic only. Social distancing will be promoted in the corridors.

- Two way traffic will be allowed in the corridors, with students walking on the right hand side in a single line. Social distancing will be promoted in the corridors.

The Use of Masks

- The wearing of masks is mandatory in all common areas of the building  (e.g.,corridors, exits/entrances, washrooms)

- Because cohorting at Senior High is not achievable, the wearing of masks in the classroom will be mandatory in classrooms where one (1) metre face-to-face distancing cannot be maintained.

Washroom Use

- For social distancing reasons, no more than two (2) occupants are permitted in the washrooms at any given time. 

Water Bottle Use

- Students will use and be able to refill their personal water bottles throughout the day.  Drinking directly from the water fountains is prohibited.

August 31, 2020

Safe Return to School Reopening Plan


Good morning Concordes!!!!

We hope you all are as exited as we are to be back at GC! We are currently finalizing our Safe Return to School Reopening Plan, based on the most current recommendations from the Chief Medical Officer, NLESD, and the Dept. of Education. We are planning to release the plan on Wednesday, Sept. 2nd. We will post the plan on Facebook, Twitter, and our School Website. Stay tuned!

May 24, 2020

MUN Advicing Meeting for current Level III's

On May 25, 2020  at 10:00 a.m. an Academic Advisor will host a presentation to provide information; such as how to set up MUN account and MUN email. They will also provide information about registration, course selections and the rules and regulations for various programs.

Students are encouraged to join this presentation by following the simple steps below and clicking the link 5 to 10 minutes prior to start of the meeting. 

May 20, 2020

Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB)

The CESB provides emergency financial relief to students and recent graduates who are unable to work, or unable to find work, due to reasons related to COVID-19. It is also available for those who are working but not making more than $1,000 (before taxes) over the four-week period for which they are applying.

This benefit provides $1,250 per month for eligible students or $2,000 per month for eligible students with dependents or disabilities.  This benefit will be available from May to August 2020.

Please see the Government of Canada website here for more information.

May 20, 2020

Memorial University Advising

All level III students planning to attend Memorial University in September 2020 are invited to attend a live on-line advising session on Monday, May 25, 2020 at 10:00 am.  Mr. Ron O'Neill will discuss issues surrounding the CPT, the Math Bridging program and courses being offered during the summer session (July - August 2020).  He will also discuss the timelines for advisor sessions, registration times and services available to students.

At the end of this session students are encouraged to request a one-on-one advising session to discuss course selections, orientation, on-line instruction, etc.

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