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Tutoring for Tuition - Work Experience Program

Through TWEP, post-secondary students are hired to assist high school students needing academic assistance while preparing for year-end assessments.  This is an excellent program to support level I through III students with academic intervention efforts as well as final exam preparation!  


Tutors will earn tuition vouchers at a rate that reflects the minimum wage, to a maximum of 210 hours over 6 weeks, as well as a stipend for a 35-hour week of tutoring completed that reflects the minimum wage and for a 6-week period.


Each tutor can provide a maximum of 35 hours of tutoring service per week over six weeks, for a maximum total of 210 hours of tutoring service. Reimbursement will be:

·         $5.00/hour in a tuition voucher, total maximum voucher $1,050.00

·         $8.20/hour in stipend, total maximum stipend $1,722.00

For a maximum total of $2,772.00 per tutor.

Interested Gander Collegiate students should submit a resume to Mrs. Connors at

Discovery Days in Health Sciences (in partnership with Memorial University)
          Thursday, May 26, 2022 (8:30 am - 12:15 pm)
Discovery Days in Health Sciences are half-day events that provide secondary school students with the opportunity to explore a variety of career options in medicine and the health sciences. Students gain a clearer picture of what it would be like to be a health professional by interacting with researchers, clinicians and educators.  High school students who are interested in learning more about careers in medicine and health sciences to join us online. Our  ½-day program will be hosted on the event platform Accelevents and comprises:


Workshop Agenda!!!!!!

  • Veterinary Medicine & Laboratory Animal Careers

  • Family Medicine: The education, life and career of a Family Physician

  • From pro athletes to the classroom: Exercise Physiology and it's role in medicine

  • Learning about Pathology

  • Radiation Therapy in Oncology: A "virtual" patient and staff experience

  • Body Works

  • A Day in the Life of a Medical Student

Please see the agenda and detailed information here:


Please see Mrs. Connors for registration information.

MedQuest and Mini-Med School

The Office of Professional and Educational Development, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University, is offering two public engagement events this spring/summer that will interest students in grades 10-12 in Newfoundland and Labrador.


  • Mini-Med School 2022 - The Faculty of Medicine Mini-Med School began in February 2004 in the spirit of forging stronger ties with the community and extending the reach of our school by sharing the expertise of our medical faculty.  Starting April 20, 2022, and running until June 8, 2022, each Wednesday evening (6:30 PM-9:00 PM) over eight weeks, the Mini-Med School will offer two separate 1.0-hour virtual sessions, including question and answer, on the scientific basis of topical medical issues in NL. 16 amazing talks with inspiring speakers!
    When: Every Wednesday April 20 - June 8, 2022 , 6:30-9:00 PM
    Where Online Event, Via WebEx
    Cost: $75.00 + HST
    Registration and More Info:


  • MedQuest (Virtual) - MedQuest Virtual is an exciting, career-oriented two-day virtual event for students in grades 10-12 in Newfoundland and Labrador. Students will be introduced to health professions such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, human kinetics and recreation, and others. These health careers and special topics will be presented through lectures, guest speakers, and virtual tours of various health facilities
    When: Tuesday, July 26th and Wednesday, July 27th 2022, 9:00AM – 3:00PM
    Where Online Event, Via WebEx
    Cost: $49.00 + HST
    Registration url:
    There is no need to apply for MedQuest Virtual! All students in grades 10-12 are welcome to register and attend. Registration will open Wednesday, April 27th, 2022.

  • School Development Survey for Parents
To complete the School Development Survey for Parents, please click the link below: 
School Development Survey for Parents
  • School Development Survey for Students
To complete the School Development Survey for Students, please click the link below:                                  
School Development Survey for Students

  • Online Learning and Resources and Course Materials

As referenced in the Education update on January 26, 2022, all high school students can access online learning resources and course materials at:

Pease see the document below with a detailed description as well as instructions on how to set up an account to gain access to these resources.
What Can You Access Through CDLI?

  • Awards Ceremony Presentation
Please click in the link below to watch our Awards Ceremony Presentation:
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